Vibrant Souls Series Project

The Vibrant Souls Series Project was created by Myrissa McAndrews and inspired by Natalie Joan. This series of artwork donations act to revitalize the art and atmosphere at Shriners Hospital for Children of Philadelphia to reflect to strong souls that come through their doors.  

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The Inspiration: Natalie Joan

 Natalie is a bright five-year-old girl who battles Cerebral Palsy with a left club foot and faced an unexpected double hip surgery in April of 2018 at Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia. Her strength and bravery during and after surgery was admirable and humbling. As Natalie is a frequent patient at Shriners for physical therapy, McAndrews chose to create a specific series to encourage Natalie and other patients, families, and staff to stay bright and appreciate the bold.


Press Coverage

Myrissa's fundraising efforts were recognized by the New Town Press Paper, who featured an article covering the campaign in their May 2018 issue.

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